4 comments on “Generation of simulated earthquakes compatible with prescribed Response Spectra in Robot

  1. Interesting post. However, I have been unable to download Simqke from the links provided. Have they been moved? Regards.

  2. hi, would you please tell me how to import the spectrum data? it seems that it should be in a specific format. my program cant recognize text file.

    • Hi,

      once you have exported the txt from SIMQKE, edit the file with the notepad and remove the first two lines. You will get something like

      0 -1.87382762145717E-02
      0.01 -2.30716146156192E-02
      0.02 -1.52940891799517E-02
      0.03 -1.77843840653077E-02
      0.04 -4.43096634582616E-03

      Save the file.

      In Robot, in the “Response Spectrum Calculation” Dialog, select the tab F(t), then press the button “Open from a file”, switch to “all files types” and select the previous file

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