3 comments on “Seismic Load Combinations according to Italian code DM 14/01/2008

  1. Load case combination dialog box, in my version, (2011 sp5) is different than shown.
    There is a problem with the Italian version? (You are showing the English version). I cannot select as indicated “Sismiche SLU” and or “SIS-SLU” and “SIS-SLE”.

    • The first action is to check the rgl file. You could see under the column “User-defined type” “SIS-SLE” and “SIS-SLU”. Then check the presence of some seismic load cases in your current project. If you can’t see “SIS-SLU” “SIS-SLE” under load-conditions tab, turn on automatic combinations as in STEP 9 and the return to the load-conditions tab. I think this method could solve your question



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